How To Turn Your Front Door Into An Insta-Worthy Entrance

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The condition of your front door can say so much about your home. A pretty entrance door will say to people that you’re an attentive person who takes pride in the appearance of their home.

Homeowners across the world recognise this and do everything they can to make their front door the best on their street.  If you use Instagram and type in the hashtags #frontdoor or #frontdoors, your feed will be full of some gorgeously fashionable doors.

They can give you a template for how your own front door should look. Pennine can also offer you advice on how to make it Insta-worthy.

Coloured finish

It will be the colour of the door that will catch the eye. So, choose your door colour carefully if investing in a new door, or looking to repaint your current front door.

The three most popular colour options are grey, black and white, so you’re on safe ground with any of them. However, colour palettes are very diverse nowadays, and include favourites such as Chartwell Green.

Pink and purple doors are also a possibility, but be mindful that what fits with your taste, won’t necessarily fit with the taste of others.

Purple Front Door
Door wreath

You only used to see wreaths on front doors during the Christmas period, but now you see them throughout the year, as you will notice when searching for doors on Instagram.

You can get all of the bits and pieces you need to make a wreath pretty cheaply, if you think you can make your own, or take the easier option and just buy one.

As it’s summer, a wreath for this time of year should include colours like pink, orange and red.


With, or without a wreath, you could look to install planters on either side of your front door, which is a common trend.

On Instagram, a large number of users have twin potted bay trees to accompany their doors, and they do add an interesting visual element to a front door.

To keep them alive and thriving, they will need to be watered, as will any hanging basket that you decide to put on display close to your door.


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