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Transform Your House Front For Christmas With Our Festive Decorating Tips

You should have put up your Christmas decorations about three weeks ago, but if you haven’t yet given your home a festive flavour, there is still time.

Make it your job this weekend to get the place looking suitably Christmassy, and don’t just concentrate on the inside of the house – add some festive touches outside too.

Santa will appreciate your efforts when he comes to visit on Christmas morning. Who knows? It might earn you an extra present or two!

Outshine the rest of the street with these simple decorating tips:

Dress up your front door with a wreath

People have been hanging wreaths on their front doors at Christmas since around the 16th Century.

Christians believe the circular shape of the wreath to be symbol of the eternal love of God and that the colours also have meaning – red for the blood of Christ on the cross and green for life and growth.

You’ve left it too late to create your own wreath, but wreaths can easily be bought from various outlets in an array of styles.

To hang the wreath without causing any damage to the door, get a self-adhesive hook, wreath hanger or just use some colourful ribbon.

Illuminate the house with fairy lights

Bright white fairy lights really stand out amongst the gloominess of winter and it just wouldn’t be Christmas without some.

So that they don’t need to be plugged in, opt for battery-powered fairy lights and may be weave them around any bushes or trees that sit in your front garden. You could also string them along your roofline or have them cascade down from it.

Don’t go too overboard with fairy lights though to avoid the house looking a bit OTT and tacky.  

Put the Christmas tree in full view

Go up into the attic and bring your Christmas tree down. If it looks a bit dishevelled, buy a new real or fake replacement.

Add some tinsel, baubles and lights to the tree, and put an angel on the top. Only switch the lights on once the decorating is done and admire your handiwork.  

Then move the tree as close as you can to the front window so that everyone can admire it when walking past or driving by.


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