Tips On Making A House Feel Roomier For Summer And Beyond

How To Make More Space At Home

At home, you can never have enough space, but the more your house is lived in, the less space you seem to have at your disposal.

When it starts to become an issue you might think about getting a conservatory, orangery or extension added to it, if the capacity is there to do that, or buying a bigger property.

A third option is there though, and that’s to see if you can do anything to create space internally.

With these handy hints, Pennine believes you may just be able to:


Tidying the house can be difficult if you have kids, never mind decluttering it, but it’s a worthwhile chore as it could give you extra floor, wardrobe, cupboard and wall space.

Make it a family job and have others help you so that decluttering feels less of a chore and can be done quickly. Try not to keep hold of items that you know you won’t use again, and look to donate or recycle them instead.

At the end of a thorough declutter, see if there’s any way of storing what’s left more efficiently.

A woman decluttering a house
Aluminium windows

A light-filled room has a sense of openness, so you want as much natural light entering through your windows as possible.

Aluminium windows largely consist of glass as the aluminium profile is so thin compared to a traditional window frame, giving the sun a bigger surface area to penetrate.

Keep the glass spotlessly clean too and you won’t believe how much brighter the space is after the fitting of aluminium windows.

Aluminium windows
Large glass door

The temptation to use your garden on a nice day will be strong if you have a bi-folding door or other sliding door affixed into the section between your home and garden.

Any opening made with both door types will help draw in the sun to leave your interior with a brilliantly bright atmosphere and also provide it with ventilation.

They don’t need to be open for healthy light transference though as in a similar way to aluminium doors, they have little framework and a huge amount of glass in their panels.

Large glazed doors in an extension

It would be great to tell you what else our fantastic windows and feature doors will add to your home. Book an appointment and we’ll reveal all.


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