Take Action Against Rising Energy Costs With Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

Cut your energy bills

With everything from food to fuel rising in price, homeowners everywhere are feeling the pinch, especially as energy prices have shot up to levels that are simply unheard of.

The price cap recently increased to £1971, which is the most money an energy company can bill you for the amount of gas and electricity your household uses. 

Prior to April 1st, the most an energy company could charge would be £1277. This is a huge 54% rise and there are likely to be further rises in October.

In the past, homeowners would see this an opportunity to shop around for cheaper suppliers but the lowest cost fixed tariff is currently an eye-watering £2800.

However, we have a long-term solution for you.

The October price cap increase is just six months away, but this should give you enough time to get energy efficient windows and doors installed by Pennine. Experts estimate that the price will then be capped at £2600.

Take action now to protect yourself from any further price increases.

Energy Efficient Windows

Did you know that badly insulated windows are the cause of 18% of heat loss in your home? The heat that you pay so much for in heating bills escapes through the glass or around the window frames.

If you want a trick to see how your windows are performing, hold a handle close to your window to see if the flame flickers. You may also notice moisture, mould and cracks in the sealant, which would suggest they need upgrading.

You’ll be relieved to know that Pennine’s thermally efficient windows are rated A+ as standard. This means they are the very best on the market for preventing heat loss and inviting the sun’s warmth into your home. They can save you an average of £170 a year in your monthly outgoings.

Energy efficient windows
Energy Efficient Doors

Similarly, doors play a big part in keeping your home energy efficient. Your outdated door could be causing you to lose 15% of heat. You can hold a candle up to your door to check this.

Before upgrading your door, it’s important to check the U-value of the new door as this will indicate how much heat can escape through it. Replacement doors must achieve a U-value of 1.8 W/m², according to current Building Regulations. 

The lower the number for U-value, the better it is about retaining heat inside your home. Every Pennine door has a low U-value for this very purpose.

Energy efficient doors

At Pennine, we are proud to offer a 20 year guarantee, double the industry standard, on all our energy efficient windows and doors. With at least two decades worth of energy savings, they will pay for themselves many times over.

Make the smart decision and protect yourself from the worrisome rises. Request a quote here for new windows and doors today.


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