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Solid Roof, Conservatory Or Orangery? Which Will Suit Your Home?

Home extensions have never been so popular and the number of extension types you can choose from has never been so broad. Their current popularity is easily explained as ownership of conservatories, orangeries and solid roof extensions is sought after nowadays for a number of different reasons:

Solid Tiled Roof Conservatory

  • A householder is unable to take that next step up the property ladder
  • More spaciousness indoors is craved
  • To increase the resale value of a property and make it more sellable
  • To take a house further out into the garden and better connect the two areas.

It doesn’t matter what the motivation is for wanting an extension, the key thing is ensuring you select the right extension for your home.

You’ll only be able to make sure that happens if you have some knowledge of solid roof extensions, conservatories and orangeries.

Solid roof

Traditionally-built conservatories and orangeries are susceptible to falling victim to the weather, either becoming too cold in winter or too hot in summer. You can partially blame the roofing system attached to them for that as they often provide insufficient energy efficiency.

These roofing systems can usually be replaced retrospectively with a solid roof to heighten thermal efficiency and make these structures usable again at any time of the year. Made from lightweight slates/ tiles, you can choose a design that complements the extension to make it seems as though the roof is the original covering.  

We supply four forms of replacement solid roof at Pennine – Glass Roof, Smart Roof, Avant Pro Roof and Ultimo Roof.


Conservatory design has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, resulting in an unbelievable array of conservatory styles being developed and we’re delighted to be able to offer you various options.

These styles are best summarised as follows…

Edwardian – an ageless design with a square or rectangular base, The Edwardian conservatory has a tall roof and flat walls which makes installing pieces of furniture inside the extension easy.

Victorian – has more of a hexagonal / octagonal shape and a round front giving you superb panoramic views, ideal for the period home.

Lean-To – the slenderness of the Lean-To is perfect for bungalows or properties with a low-pitched roof, though it still offers a generous amount of floor space.

Gable – exquisite sightlines, it has an abundance of headspace and draws in an amazing wealth of sunlight. The biggest period residences suit it most.

Bespoke – rather than buy an “off-the-shelf” conservatory, go bespoke and create your own unique design.


Orangeries are constructed from both brickwork and glass and the brickwork gives it immense solidity while also helping to make it look a more natural extension than most conservatories.

Like a conservatory though, an orangery is a multi-purpose venue, a suitable setting for a lounge, dining area, home office or even your own gym.

We provide traditional and contemporary orangeries, so you’re certain to find an orangery that suits any type of surroundings.  

Pick a favourite at Pennine

Our best suggestion for anyone that is trying to decide between a solid roof extension, conservatory or orangery is to visit any of our showrooms. We have several examples of each fully installed and furnished at Pennine.



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