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Why Solid Roof Conservatories Are A Growing Trend

Thousands of old conservatories will have been left empty for much of the winter period because they’re too cold inside – it’s a real waste of space.

Solid Roof Edwardian Conservatory

The vast majority of these conservatories will be at least 20+ years old and have a glass or polycarbonate roof system that provides insufficient thermal efficiency.

So, the solution is simple – replace the existing roof for a new roof covering that promises enhanced thermal performance.

There is also the option for those who have yet to own a conservatory but want one to get an extension that has a ready integrated thermally efficient roof.

In both instances, we’re referring to a solid roof, one of the fastest growing products in the home improvement industry.  

There are three revolutionary conservatory solid roofing systems at Pennine

  1. The ‘Smart’ Roof is a fully insulated solid roof which allows for perfect temperature control all year round.


  1. The ‘Ultimo’ Roof is the perfect solution if you want an extremely energy efficient living space without losing natural light.


  1. The ‘Avant Pro’ Roof offers the qualities of a solid roof and features shaped glass.

Why are they so beneficial?

  • The most obvious advantage is that a solid roof will significantly improve the internal temperature and make a home extension usable in all weather conditions.


  • Replacing an old conservatory roof in exchange for a solid roof takes very little time and will cause minimum disruption at your home.


  • A solid roof can be supplied in either natural looking tiles or slates in a number of styles and finishes. You will find that it blends in much better than a glass or polycarbonate roof.


  • Its integration will make a conservatory valuable and this will in turn make your home more valuable.


  • Some natural light can be lost upon the installation of a solid roof, but this can be overcome by incorporating roof windows into the design.


  • The tiles or slates used are very resilient and won’t be subject to the wear and tear that so frequently gets the better of authentic tiles and slates.


Rock solid extended living awaits you…

We go into more detail about all of our solid roofs in our Replacement Roofs brochure that you can download for FREE here. If you live in the Durham area why not come and see some of them at our newly opened showroom.





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