Show Your Windows And Doors Some Love This Valentine’s Day

Not that you should need an excuse to spoil your partner but it’s always nice to show your loved one how much they mean to you on Valentine’s Day.

Red Composite Doors

We think most wives and girlfriends, husbands and boyfriends, would appreciate a thoughtful little gift and home cooked meal if you don’t have the money to splash out on a pricey present and dinner at a high-end restaurant.

If that’s the kind of romantic plan you have up your sleeve this Valentine’s, you need to dress your home for the occasion and you can do this using your windows and doors.

A little affection for your windows and doors in the lead-up to the 14th February will leave you both infatuated by your home. Here are some ideas to get you started…

Wash your windows and front door

It’s hardly a ground-breaking suggestion but you might be surprised how much of a difference clean windows and a gleaming front door will make.

UPVC window frames and UPVC / composite door frames only need wiping with a wet cloth when they get dirty and you can use a soapy sponge and squeegee to clean the glazed sections.

If you’re still living with your original windows and doors, we highly recommend that you check out our replacement window and door ranges to improve aesthetics.

Add a sprinkling of red roses

The red rose is the flower that immediately springs to mind when you go out to get your partner a bunch of flowers for Valentine’s – red roses have been gifted from one to another on Valentine’s Day since the 19th Century.

You don’t need to buy a big bouquet of them though. A similarly romantic touch would be to sprinkle red rose petals over your most visible window sills.

Attach a heart-shaped wreath to your front door

Door wreaths are extremely popular at Christmas and there’s growing use of them for Valentine’s Day too.

The online marketplace Etsy has some fantastic hand-made examples that you can buy or if you think you have the talent to create your own, have a go! Adding a heart-shaped wreath to the door will show that it’s a house filled with love.


If it’s time your home was treated to new windows and doors, your next date, after your Valentine’s night in with your significant other, should be with Pennine. Book an appointment here.






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