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We Sell Windows Which Will Keep Out Noise

Is it just us or is the world getting noisier and noisier? We’re sure most will agree that we live in an increasingly noisy world and getting away from it can often feel impossible with our homes sometimes not even being capable of blocking it out so we can enjoy some much needed peace and quiet.

Georgian Style Windows

Trains, planes, traffic, loud neighbours, you name it, noise comes from so many different sources nowadays and it’s enough to drive anyone crazy. But it’s to be expected if you still have original single glazed windows fitted.

We believe that everybody should be entitled to a quiet home, and a quiet home you’ll have when you invest in any of our double or triple glazed window designs.

Windows that fight against noise

It’s logical that the extra one or two glazed panes you get in a double or triple glazed window unit compared to a single glazed window unit will create a better barrier against noise.

Triple glazing was very hard to come by in this country until a few years ago, but now most window suppliers stock it.

What customers want to know is whether it’s worth paying extra for triple glazing for noise reduction purposes or sticking to double glazing? A presentation of the facts will help you to decide…

For a triple glazed window to offer a higher level of sound insulation than a double glazed window, the glazed areas and cavities must be of different thicknesses and not all of the same thickness. The window unit must also be properly sealed to provide any noticeable noise reduction.

Our double and triple glazed windows won’t just fight against noise!

They’ll also fight back against rising energy bills as they offer outstanding thermal insulation. For starters, the average UPVC triple glazed window has a U-Value of only 1.0 W/m²k.

The threat posed by thieves will also be fought against as both window offerings have very resilient frames and come with multi-point locking mechanisms that are virtually impossible to break or snap.

See what all the noise is about

Pennine is loved by householders throughout the North East and has showrooms scattered across the region. Visit your nearest Pennine site to get a window into our world.


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