The Secure Features Of Composite Doors

A reliable, tough and uncompromising front door is something that every North East household should possess – qualities that a composite door offers in spades.

Green Composite Door

Think about it. Would you really want a front door that you’re not entirely sure will protect your home effectively and also requires frequent upkeep to preserve both its appearance and performance? We thought not.

We’re big advocates of composite doors as not only are they amazingly durable, but they also look stunning. You wouldn’t believe the amount of designs and colours that they come supplied in at Pennine with everything from very subtle offerings to bold choices available if you really want it to make an impression. A lot of its popularity can be put down to the wood grain effect that’s so prominent throughout the design, helping give it a timber-like look, only a composite door needs a tiny fraction of the maintenance demanded by timber.

But, let’s remind ourselves of the primary function of any front door – to keep your home protected from intrusion. You’re assured of that when you have a composite door integrated into your entranceway.

Multi-point locking system

Part of what makes a composite door almost impossible to force open when locked shut is its multi-point locking system which is inserted within the solid stainless steel that runs along the full length of the frame.

This halts the chance of the door being forcibly levered open and the locks also cannot be drilled because of the inclusion of drill plates.

GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic)

Made up of a combination of UPVC, wood and insulating foam, a composite door also has a Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) skin which makes it fully weather-resistant. It has also been subjected to hurricane-type conditions in testing to ensure that it can fight off the elements over a sustained period.

Glass Reinforced Plastic is often used to make the main body of ships and other vessels, so this tells you how strong it must be.

Internally glazed

The glazed units within a composite door are one of the most noticeable aspects of the design. So that the glass cannot be removed from the outside, any glazed elements are internally glazed to give wannabe intruders a further headache when attempting to force their way in.

Round-the-clock security with a Pennine composite door

Many people refer to composite doors as being the most secure replacement doors you can buy and we wouldn’t disagree. You can feel supremely confident when locking up before exiting your house or last thing at night.

Several composite doors are on display at our many showrooms in the region, so come discover why we rate them so highly.  



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