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Should You Buy An Orangery Or Conservatory? The Decision Is Yours

It’s really difficult to try and separate a conservatory and orangery in terms of which of these beautiful home extensions is the best; in fact it’s almost impossible. They both have their good points and very few bad points between them.

Livin Room Orangery in White UPVC

It all comes down to personal taste and once you understand what they each have to offer you may find yourself siding with a conservatory over an orangery or vice-versa.

For anyone not fully up-to-speed with either or one of these extensions, here’s some essential reading for you…


Orangeries have a number of trademark features including being predominantly constructed from brickwork. They also have very impressive roofing systems, usually with a roof lantern right in the middle, and the bits of glazing added to the design are traditionally quite prolonged, though not as prolonged as the glass used in a conservatory.

For many people, an orangery is a better form of home extension as you can match the brickwork utilised to construct it to the brickwork of any respective house which helps it to blend in more naturally than a conservatory.

If you value your privacy and hate the thought of anyone being able to gawp at you enjoying an extension, an orangery may be the best option as there isn’t so much glass surrounding you.


Glass is the foremost element of the majority of conservatory designs and all this glass ensures the structure receives an abundance of natural light, making it feel incredibly spacious. It also gives you the most brilliant external views which you’ll love if you have an attractive garden you can watch and admire.

How modern-day conservatories are used has evolved from the time when they were originally developed as nowadays they’re extended living spaces, whereas back then they would be places solely for growing plants and flowers. It was the creation of thermally efficient glass and insulating materials like UPVC and aluminium that triggered the change in purpose of the conservatory and makes it ideal for all-year-round lounging and dining.  


Pennine has a wonderfully eclectic selection of orangeries and conservatories available. Request a copy of our Conservatories and Orangeries brochure to see which extension has the most pulling power.


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