Open Up Your Home With Bi-Folding Doors

A mix of unmissable World Cup football and unconventional British weather has made summer 2018 one that we’ll all remember for a very long time. Barbecues have almost become a daily thing in many UK households as nobody wants to spend all their time indoors when the outside of their home is the place to be.

Orangery Featuring Bi-Folding Doors

However, there’s no reason to completely neglect your home interior during the day and some of the night time over summer, not when you can expose it to your outdoor setting via a set of bi-folding doors.

You can imagine for yourself just how large of an opening will be established when you open and fully concertina a 7-door long bi-folding door to the opposite end of its tracking system. If you don’t have enough wall space to accommodate such a wide bi-folding door, you can always opt for a smaller version, anything down to a 2-pane design, as it will still offer a very useful gap between settings.

The opening will aid accessibility and make switching environments so much simpler. It will also break the barrier that previously separated your interior from your exterior and help ventilate your interior when it could with some fresh air coming in.

One of the most surprising aspects of a bi-folding door is how easy it is to open and close. Credit for that goes to the aluminium framework as it is supremely light and ensures the door leafs jointly fold and move with minimal effort.

It would be wishful thinking to hope that this glorious weather will stick around as wintry and wet weather will soon return. But rather than this scupper the enjoyment you get out of bi-folding doors, you will still continue to adore their presence as the views through them will be endlessly pleasurably thanks to the slenderness of the frames and astonishingly high volume of glass inserted into them.

Marrying together home and garden is just one of many bi-fold benefits:

  • Exquisite aesthetics
  • Super tough frames and hi-tech locking technology
  • Extremely low U-Values
  • Add value
  • Quality powder-coated finishes

The summer of 2018 will be even more memorable if you appoint Pennine to fit bi-folding doors at your home before it’s out. A number of bi-folding door installations we’ve already completed can be found on our Projects Gallery.




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