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How It’s Now Simpler To Improve A Heritage Home

It used to be much harder to make improvements to Heritage and period properties and homes located in the middle of a conservation area.

Olive Grey Flush Casement Windows

For a start, you have to find solutions that complement the original character of the building, otherwise there’s a risk that the improvements will actually spoil its appearance. Anyone residing in a Listed Building also has rules and regulations to contend with before they do anything and you must implement products that supply the very best thermal efficiency, security, acoustics and are resistant to the weather. Traditional white coloured UPVC windows are not the most suitable of options.

Advances in technology have resulted in the creation of multiple new home improvement solutions for Heritage properties that are very affordable too. These products also satisfy the modern-day expectation for outstanding thermal efficiency, security and noise reduction, while also being maintenance-free, unlike timber – they’re real all-rounder performers.

Evidence of the last few points made is the new ‘Envisage’ range that we recently incorporated welcomed into the Pennine product family.

This Flush Casement Window has been expertly designed so that it matches the styling of an original glazed timber window, possessing the same simple lines and a sash that sits smoothly within its frame. Proportioned identically to a classic glazed timber window, it can be finished in a number of authentic colours and comes with hardware options (handles, hinges etc.) that are crafted exactly how you would expect them to be.

Aesthetically, you couldn’t wish for a more perfect looking Flush Sash Window, but there’s much more to it than just that. You will also benefit from impressive security and insulation – both essential qualities in any 21st Century window design.

Full details on the Envisage range can be found here or see it in person at a Pennine showroom.



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