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Why Now Is The Ideal Time To Invest In A Home Extension For Summer

The highly unexpected warm weather we experienced at the end of February gave us all a little reminder of summer. It will be here before you know it and if you’re looking to improve your home prior to the summer with a conservatory or orangery installation, we urge you to purchase the extension now.

Livin Room Orangery in White UPVC

Yes, it’s a few months away yet, but if you leave it any longer you run the risk of us not being able to complete the installation in time for a number of reasons and we’d hate to leave you disappointed.

The reasons why are quite simple…

Planning is everything

You don’t purchase a brand new home extension every day and it should be treated as such. Once it’s integrated into your home it’s there forever, so you don’t want to end up with something you don’t like.

It all begins with an in-depth conversation with one of our design consultants who will take you through every possible option in terms of how you can style, accessorise, colour and utilise the design.

A surveyor from Pennine will also need to visit your property to measure up ahead of the installation and determine the position of the extension.

It’s highly likely that the design will evolve during the planning phase until you reach the point when you’re happy.

Planning permission might be required

In an ideal world, we would be able to just go ahead and build your new home extension, but it’s not always that straightforward.

Unless the extension complies with Permitted Development Rights (you can read about this in detail here) you will have to try and get planning permission by putting a planning application together (we will help you with this) and submitting it to your local planning department.

On receipt of the application, they will assess whether the extension satisfies planning laws and inform you of their decision within 8-13 weeks. If they reject the plans, you amend them and then reapply for permission. You also have to think about building regulations, but this is something that Pennine will also advise on.

You need to settle into the space

There’s no exaggeration when we tell you that spending time inside either form of extension will be unlike spending time elsewhere in your house as they offer a completely unique atmosphere.

They’re also multi-purpose, so you can have them act as a gorgeous new dining area, lush lounge or place for working away from the office. It’s only after becoming acclimatised to the space that you will settle on one or more of these uses and you want a settled space upon the arrival of summer that’s for sure.  


Another reason why you should buy now is because Pennine’s spring sale is on and you can get up to £5,000 off a new conservatory or orangery. Our Special Offers page has all the details.

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