Why It’s Never Too Early To Get Your Home Ready For Winter

Winter is probably one of the last things on your mind at the moment, but it ought to be if you have an inclining that your home is ill-equipped to cope with freezing temperatures.

Gable Styled Solid Roof

Come the cold, do you want to be desperately covering up for warmth?

We hugely doubt it and why should you take such drastic measures when it would be far more sensible to just insulate your property in readiness for the weather taking a downward turn.  

There is still time for you to do it! Make your home winter-ready is three simpler steps…

  1. Fit energy efficient windows and doors

Your windows and doors need to perform well if you expect to feel internal comfort throughout the house and not see it blighted by draughts and cold spots.

Traditional timber windows and doors rarely do a good job of keeping out the weather, so you should replace any original windows and doors for replacement windows and doors with an impressive energy rating.

They won’t just make greater use of the heat produced by your boiler, but they will also cut your energy costs and enhance your home visually.

  1. Get your boiler looked over

When was the last time your boiler was serviced by a qualified gas engineer? It is something that should be done annually.

A boiler inspection is designed to check that the boiler is offering the optimum amount of thermal efficiency it can produce and to also identify and rectify any potential issues that could cause the boiler to break down.

It could well be the case that the boiler is best being replaced. Any new boiler you buy should be the most energy efficient model you can afford.

  1. Change your old conservatory roof for a solid roof

Are you cooking the Christmas dinner this time around? You, and the rest of the family, could tuck into the turkey while sat at a dining table in your conservatory?

There is no chance of that happening though if all you feel in the conservatory in winter is cold. That can quickly be fixed with the installation of a solid roof to the extension.  

This lightweight roofing system can be custom-made for all conservatory styles and has slates / tiles that provide tremendous insulation and help to make conservatories habitable in all weathers again.


You mustn’t allow winter to win the battle against your home, but it might do if you hold off taking action to insulate it for much longer. Arrange for a FREE quote to be delivered to you by Pennine.




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