Why You Should Invest In A Conservatory From Pennine This Summer

Our hottest early May bank holiday ever was a very welcome surprise and hopefully a sign of things to come as we inch every closer to the summer season. That big blast of summer-like warmth may have encouraged you to look into the possibility of having a conservatory fitted at home in time for its arrival and what a wise move that would be!

Edwardian Conservatory

Conservatories are one of our biggest selling products at this time of the year and it’s easy to understand why. The added spaciousness they offer is an obvious reason, but there’s much more to their popularity right now than just that.

Unique garden perspective

It’s difficult to take your eyes off your garden space in summer, especially when you make a regular effort to tend to your lawn and have colourful plants and flowers thriving in the sunshine.

The inside of a conservatory is the best place to get a stunning transparent perspective of your garden as it provides a beautifully glazed surround. Look upwards through a glass conservatory roofing system and you will also enjoy magnificent aerial views.

Constant comfort

Traditionally-built conservatories get ridiculously hot in summer making them completely uninhabitable, unless you’re prepared to get a serious sweat on! This is because neither the roof nor the glazing used is capable of offering sufficient temperature regulation.

A modern-day conservatory promises exceptional thermal performance in even the hottest of conditions, so there’s no likelihood of the interior becoming unbearably warm when exposed to soaring temperatures.


It is entirely up to you how you utilise the immense spaciousness provided by a conservatory as it’s versatile enough to act as a setting for multiple purposes.

Make the six-week school holidays a non-stop joy for any kids you have by transforming it into a playroom where all their favourite toys and games are kept. Alternatively, invite close friends and relatives over to partake in some sensational summer dining, the next best thing to eating outdoors.

Pennine has conservatories to suit all North East homes

Your personal taste and the age and character of your property will be accounted for when our designers create your conservatory. You must hurry though if you want your dream conservatory integrated into your house in time for summer. We urge you get your FREE quote now so we can commence work.



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