Introducing Flush Casement Windows From Pennine

You won’t come across many properties in the North East that still have original flush casement timber windows and most of those that have can only be found in conservation areas or listed buildings. But traditional styled flush casements are not dying out, far from it, thanks to the development of products like Pennine’s incredible Envisage range.

Flush Casement Windows

Envisage is a flush casement for the 21st Century that has the exact same proportions of a traditional flush casement as well as the same simple lines. As is customary with a genuine flush casement, it also has opening lights that don’t stand proud of the window frame and the hardware used is a replica of the sort of hardware incorporated into this sort of window back in the day (e.g. monkeytail handles).

There is one significant difference though – Envisage is crafted from UPVC, not timber. You will hardly believe that when you see it as you would swear from its appearance and feel that wood is a constituent part of the design. The authentic finishes and grain effect that runs through each colour also gives that impression and these colours (white is far from your only colour option) can be applied to both the inside and outside of Envisage.

Envisage’s likeness from the perspective of aesthetics to a timber flush casement window is the only similarity as Envisage exceeds it in every other way and it’s because of that UPVC frame.

UPVC is a better insulator than wood and can withstand exposure to the weather without the need for future upkeep. It won’t split, warp, weaken or anything like that and you only need to wipe it with a wet cloth to restore its gorgeous finish.

It is also much more secure than your standard flush casement as we have included a revolutionary locking mechanism called ‘Secure It’.

‘Secure It’ is one of a very select few locking systems to have been categorised as Secured By Design, a Police-run initiative focusing on crime prevention of homes. It connects along the entire length of the window, making it incredibly strong, as was proved over 30,000 times in durability tests.

You have a pick of potential finishing touches for Envisage. Astragal bars are one such example and will enhance the personality of the window and there are also a number of different handles and hinges to choose from.

Does Envisage sound like the modern flush casement window you have been looking for? Go to your local Pennine showroom to see this remarkably fashionable flush casement in person, a product that comes with a 20 year guarantee.




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Our friendly team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.
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