How To Improve Your Home’s Value In 3 Ways

You tend to see an awful lot of ‘For Sale’ signs go up at this time of year. We put that down to many people making it their New Year’s Resolution to move home.

Livin Room Orangery View of Garden

Was that your resolution too? If it was, but you’ve yet to put your place on the market, don’t contact the local estate agent just yet!

Check first if there is anything you can do to improve the house to make it more sellable and enhance its value so that when the estate agent does arrive, they give it a generous valuation.

Pennine has picked out three things we know can be value-enhancing, when done right, of course!

Put some decking down in the garden

Oh, how we yearn for some better weather! Summer will come around quickly though, and in readiness for its arrival, add some UPVC decking somewhere in the garden.

As soon as they see it, buyers will envisage being sat out on it with friends enjoying cocktails and barbecued food into the early hours.

The reason why we suggest ‘UPVC’ decking is because it’s much lower maintenance than timber decking and won’t age with each passing summer.

Fix any roof-related issues

If you know your roof is damaged, do something about it. Don’t be tempted to leave it in the hope that a buyer won’t suspect anything is wrong.

Even if we’re talking about just a few loose tiles, replace them at the soonest opportunity.

Whilst the roof is being done, also get any gutters and drains cleared to minimise the possibility of any leaks. A whole new set of roofline might be worth investing in.

Transform rarely used rooms into useable space

You can never have enough space at home. When you need more of it, look towards areas like the garage and cellar, which you could potentially turn into an additional bedroom or work area. It will be worth doing as it could increase the resale value of your house by up to 30%.

For most conversions, you do not require planning permission as they will be classified as being a ‘change of use’.

Don’t have a space to convert? You could always extend instead with a stylish conservatory or orangery.


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