How To Give Your Entrance An Eye-Catching Contemporary Update

It’s practically impossible not to make judgements on homes just by the look of their entrances – everyone does it, including you, more than likely.

Have you considered for a moment that people might be doing the same with yours?

If not, and you come to the conclusion that your entrance is quite lacklustre, get it modernised, a course of action that will also make the property more valuable and leave you feeling prouder of your house than you’ve ever been.

Get a new door fitted

Replacing your current front door for something newer and smarter from within the Pennine range is a great way to update an entrance.

It will add a contemporary feel to the place, re-establishing its kerb appeal and changing its face.

The colour of the new door is a big decision for you to make. White is the most classic door colour and fits with tradition, whereas a grey colour is probably the most on-trend finish of the moment. If it will work, why not have a dual-coloured door, with opposing finishes on either side?

Wide range of colours
Put out a plant display

You don’t have to invest a fortune in your entrance to make it appealing. Something as simple as framing the door with plants could be all you need to do.

It’s become popular to have perfectly-trimmed topiary trees displayed on both sides of a front door.

Try not to get carried away with plants and keep it to a couple of them as you don’t want them to totally steal your door’s thunder.

Accessorise your door

Pennine has developed individual door furniture suites for each of our ranges, with a host of door knockers and door handles on offer.

You will discover trademark door knockers, such as one’s with animal faces, but we also have various contemporary solutions, like chrome rings and chrome bars.

To finish things off, why not get an oversized number plate added to the door or have one installed next to it.

Finishing touches

Make space in your diary for a visit to your local Pennine showroom so that you can see the kind of replacement doors you can buy from our well-respected company. Click here for a quote if you’ve already seen something you like.


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