How To Get Your Conservatory Beautifully Set Up For Spring

Classic Tiled Roof Conservatory Internal Detail

Spring is off to a promising start, with temperatures above the normal average over the last week – let’s just hope that the rest of spring is as warm and sunny.

Now that the clocks have gone forward, it also gifts us an extra hour of sunshine.

If you’re lucky enough to have a conservatory, this gives you added time to appreciate the bright atmosphere inside the space and the vibrant colours outside during the day. 

Could your conservatory have more of a spring feel to it though, in terms of how it’s set up? It will when you follow this advice:

Start with a spring clean

Don’t do anything until you have decluttered and got rid of any junk, scrubbed the floor and cleaned the windows (leave these open to let fresh air in) to make it more spacious and look spotless. 

To speed up the process so that you can get on injecting it with a spring-like flavour, recruit some help from other family members and hand them a mop, cloth, scrubbing brush etc. 

Once you’re done, it should be gleaming from top to bottom and smell fantastic. 

Put in some plants

Any nature lover should welcome some plants into their conservatory, which is also a simple way of bringing the outdoors inside. 

You need plants that are capable of surviving the unique environment and aren’t likely to wilt, such as a yucca plant, an ideal starter plant for anyone who hasn’t had houseplants before. 

An hibiscus plant is another option and the best variety of this for indoor growing is the Chinese hibiscus, a plant that will purify the air and can even have a positive effect on your mood. 

Update your colour scheme

Darker colours won’t offer the right seasonal tones in spring. What you want are more vivid shades, like yellow, light blue and green. 

Introduce them with your cushions, throws, rugs, sofa coverings etc. and watch how brilliantly they reflect the sun and create an airy ambience. 

If you have any wall space, you could do the same with some kind of artwork, or install a new sofa and accompanying chairs in a fresh, new colour. 

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