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Homespiration - How To Create A Home That You Love Being In

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We hope that you have got some enjoyment out of being in your safe space over the last few months. 

If you feel like you should be enjoying it more, perhaps it’s your home that’s to blame and more needs to be done to bring out its full potential. 

There is potential in every home, whether it’s a country cottage or studio apartment, it’s just a case of unleashing it, and that comes down to you.

TLC and DIY is the secret formula to changing those four walls for the better, as the many home influencers on the Internet often demonstrate. 

It’s from their ‘Homespiration’ we have collated these three opportunities for improvement at home:

Give open-plan living a try

You will find that most new-build homes in this country have an open-plan layout within them, and the favoured way of using an open-plan space tends to be as a kitchen-diner-living area. 

Do you think that open-plan living would better suit your home lifestyle than your present setup? If you do, in all probability, you will be able to remodel your old terrace or semi-detached property accordingly. 

An open-plan space demands a certain atmosphere though and must deliver from a practicality perspective. You also want it to be bright and spacious, whilst also offering a cosy and very private feel. Have this all in your mind when establishing an open-plan configuration.

Make up a window seat

It’s good to have some time on your own for a bit, but where in your home do you go to get it? 

In winter, it could be by the fireplace whilst sitting on a cosy chair. But in summer, with all the lovely colours outside to look at, a window seat seems more fitting. 

Underneath a window that looks out onto a gorgeous view, put a bench or trunk and add a padded base and a couple of cushions to it so that you can properly curl up in the window. 

It’s where you can read a book or newspaper or just admire the beauty of nature to switch off from normal life for a moment.

Split the garden into zones

Air travel will be sparse this summer and you may feel more comfortable holidaying at home any way, which can be lots of fun its own way. 

A home holiday should involve plenty of use of your garden. In a bigger garden, you can split it into zones, with our recommendation being that you have zones for eating, playing and relaxing.

Outdoor dining is what us Brits love doing when we’re abroad, and the kids need space to take a splash in their paddling pool and run around having their water fights. 

Come bedtime, rather than sleep in your normal rooms, camp in the relaxing zone where all your tents can sit and you can pretend you’re at a far flung destination somewhere.

If you could do with the help of Pennine to get more out of your home, we have just reopened our showrooms if you would like to talk face-to-face in a safe environment.

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