How To Heat Your Conservatory Effectively In Winter

With arctic like conditions and blizzardous days bringing the country to a halt, it is important that your conservatory is efficiently heated. We have listed our top tips to stop the winter chill from causing your conservatory to be inhabitable over the winter season.




A simple radiator or electric fan would heat up your conservatory this winter. They don’t have to be expensive, and can be turned on when you enter the room, so you can enjoy your conservatory all year round. Don’t let the cold deter you from taking advantage of your conservatory.

Replacement windows and doors

Double or triple glazed windows and doors are a lot more energy efficient than single glazed. You are wasting more money than you need to, if you haven’t updated. This is a simple and affordable step to keep your conservatory warmer this winter.

Our Pennine windows and doors cater for any property, of any age. We even install A+ energy efficient windows that are unrivalled, and come with three times more protection than any other window.


Conservatories are built from brick, which aren’t the most effective material at keeping your home extension warm. The best option is to invest in insulation. This will ensure you save money on your energy bills, as well as staying warm.

It may seem like a messy and expensive job, however it is fairly cheap and creates absolutely no mess, as they inject the insulation straight in to the brick.


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