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Get The Kids Out Into The Garden This Summer

There’s nothing worse than seeing young children glued to the TV when the sun is shining outside. We’ve come up with a few activities that will make the abandon the TV set in favour of the great outdoors.

Get Them Involved With The Gardening

If they are old enough, encourage them to help with the gardening. Whether that’s by pulling up weeds, helping to plant flowers or grow vegetables it’s a great way to get them out of the house.

Have A Scavenger hunt

Hide small objects around your garden and then give your children clues to help them find the objects. You can be as creative with this as you like and include riddles to make it challenging for older children.

Give Them Some Chalk

If you have a large patio area, give your kids some chalk and encourage them to complete cover the patio in drawings. It won’t harm your garden and the next time it rains they’ll have a fresh canvas and can start all over again.

You can even use the chalk to create the outline for hopscotch and other games to relive your own summer childhood.

When the kids are tired out or it’s time to come in you can retreat to the conservatory. The tiled floor in the conservatory means they can take muddy shoes off in there and not get your carpets covered in dirt.
A conservatory also makes a great place to relax with a book in the sunshine so you can get some me time and still keep an eye on the kids in the garden.

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