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Get The Garden Ready For Autumn Without Disturbing Animals

Winter is fast approaching, and for those who have been avoiding the gardening all summer you’ll be relieved to know that it won’t take long to get the garden ready for winter.

Populations of hedgehogs and other natives to Britain’s back gardens are slowly falling victim to the overly tidy garden. While you and your neighbours might think that your garden, preened to perfection looks great, the animals will be left out in the cold.

It’s tempting to sweep away all the leaves and remove any sticks from the lawn and put them in the compost bin, but its far better for the environment to pile up and allow animals to use it as a home for the winter. It might look a little unsightly if you’re used to a pristine lawn, but if you make the pile in a corner you’ll notice it less than you think.

If you have a pond with frogs then you need to start thinking about the long winter ahead of your amphibian friends. Male fish lie on the bottom of ponds all winter to conserve their energy, this isn’t the problem, trouble can occur if the pond freezes over.

Unless there are lots of oxygenating plants in the pond then when ice covers the surface of the pond it will trap noxious gasses in the water, which your little frogs will not appreciate. Take time this year to clear any dead plants and debris from the pond to prevent plants dying.

When it starts to look likely that your pond might freeze overnight, it’s time to take action. Place a small plastic ball on the surface of the pond and remove it once the water has frozen to leave a small gap in the ice which will allow gasses to escape.

It’s surprisingly easy to get the garden ready for autumn, the bonus of looking out for the animals in the garden is that you ultimately have to do less work! Animals prefer it when your garden is untidy as it makes natural homes for them. Give it a try this autumn and enjoy watching the animals move in from the warmth of your conservatory this year.

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