What Is A FENSA Accreditation? A Jargon-Busting Guide

The FENSA logo emblazoned on much of our marketing material may mean very little to you if you haven’t had many dealings with a home improvement company before, but it is a significant accreditation.

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When appointing a FENSA member you can be certain that they will do a great job of installing your new windows and doors or fitting a brand new conservatory as all FENSA members work to the highest industry standards.


The Fenestration Self Assessment Scheme (FENSA) was set-up by the Glass and Glazing Federation in 2002 and its purpose is to properly regulate companies involved in the replacement window and door industry and ensure that their working practices are in accordance with building regulations.

How did Pennine earn FENSA membership?

FENSA has an independent team of assessors and they observed how we work to check that Pennine was offering expert customer service and fulfilling installations to their desired standards.

Once they were completely satisfied that we were, they granted us FENSA accreditation and made us one of an elite group of companies to hold such status within the industry.

To hold on to our FENSA accreditation, we have to continuously maintain these standards as it can be revoked at any time. FENSA’s assessors pay regular visits to Pennine to check that our work remains up to scratch and we do everything we can to make sure that it is.

What is the significance of a FENSA certificate?

At the completion of a window or door installation, a FENSA member will hand you a FENSA certificate which confirms that the installation is fully certified and complies with building regulations. If you choose a non-FENSA member, you will need to certify the installation yourself with your local authority.

You need to keep hold of the FENSA certificate as it will need to be handed over to the next occupier of your house when you want to sell it.

If you do not have a FENSA certificate it could cause problems and even potentially put off someone buying the property. If the certificate has simply been misplaced, you can order a replacement certificate from the FENSA website.  

An Insurance Backed Guarantee will also come with the FENSA certificate. Lasting for 10 years, this ensures your installation remains covered if the company who fitted the product cease trading.


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