Expand Your Home With A Brilliant Conservatory

Whenever you are looking for ways to increase the size of your home one of your very first consideration should be to install a conservatory. With conservatories you can add space affordably and quickly, especially when compared to instead building a house extension. The issue with traditional extensions is that they can be very stressful to plan, design and manage due to the large cost involved and the difficulties in planning application. The threat of cowboy builders, poor weather and neighbourhood complaints can also make this option less and less appealing to home owners.

With a conservatory, you are joining millions of other homeowners and will be getting a tried and tested home improvement that is both cheaper and easier to build than an extension. The popularity of conservatories is rather self-explanatory, they add an element of luxury and style to your home without causing a large amount of stress or disruption in your life. However, the hardest part of deciding on installing a conservatory can be actually choosing the style or range that will look best for your home; there are dozens of possible designs to choose from.

The traditional styles of conservatories are generally the most popular as they can fit into most neighbourhoods without looking out of place. There are two main styles of these conservatories; the Edwardian and the Victorian. These ranges are very elegant and authentic which means they will look the best when used on older properties but they can add beauty to any home. The benefit of these styles is that they can be built large or small which will ensure that the range will be available for your home regardless of the size of your garden. Furthermore, there are plenty of customisation options for the two styles, with a choice of colours, roofing systems and blinds all left up to the homeowner.

If you are interested in conservatories in Billingham, conservatories in Blyth or conservatories in Hartlepool and would like something a little bit different then the aluminium range is likely best for you. Due to the strength of the material it is possible to build this range much larger than traditional conservatories and also use more glass. This can give the new installation a far more modern feel, similar to that of a designer glass extension. Ultimately, both space and budget will determine if this option is suitable for your home.


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