Create Your Perfect Conservatory

Before you commit to the design and style of your conservatory you need to decide exactly what you’ll be using your conservatory for. A conservatory can be used for almost any purpose but there are some things that can prevent a conservatory from being all purpose. For example, if you want to use your conservatory to grow plants in depending on how many you want to grow your conservatory probably won’t make a great play room.

Once you have the primary function of your conservatory decided you can then start planning the style of your conservatory. Edwardian and Victorian conservatories make great multipurpose rooms that can be styled to almost any purpose. Use warm tones to create a comfortable lounge or go for pastilles to make a sweet dining area.

A lean-to is the perfect solution for those pressed for space. They can still be used for relaxing, as a play room or even as an arts and crafts room.

If you want aspects of all the conservatories you love with your own unique design flair thrown in then a bespoke conservatory is the perfect choice for you. Combine the bits you love with your own personal requirements and you’ll have a conservatory you’ll love and enjoy for years to come.

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