Continuing To Work From Home? Get A Permanent Home Office From Pennine

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Last month’s ending of the Governmental advice to work from home has meant that many people have returned to their traditional place of work, but certainly not everyone.
Changing working practices at lots of companies has meant that part-time and full-time home working will continue for a significant number of workers, and you might be one of them.

If you are, do you have a settled space for working at home, one that enables you to concentrate and offers everything you need to be super-productive?

You definitely need it, otherwise you may have a hard task of getting your regular duties done to an acceptable and speedy enough standard, and you don’t want to upset your boss! 

Here’s an idea – having a proper home office built at your property by Pennine. 

It will make working from home so much easier than it is when you’re forced to set up a makeshift desk in your bedroom or lie on your sofa in your living room with a laptop in hand. 

We purposely-design all of our home office extensions, so you tell us exactly what you want, and our designers will create a home office design that incorporates every requirement. 

They will advise you and inform you of things to think about so that your home office provides the perfect work setting. 

It needs to be distraction-free, for a start, which may determine where the office is best-positioned in your house. 

Ideally, you also want an office with a window or two, enabling you to look out at the world. 

In a windowless office, your lighting will need to be spot on to ensure you’re never left working in a dark environment; hardly an atmosphere that’s going to inspire productivity and enthusiasm. 

A sufficient number of power points will be needed too, and don’t forget about cables. 

Ready to crack on with creating a home office space that you love working in? Get in touch with Pennine and an advisor will contact you.


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