How A Conservatory Can Make Bonfire Night Go With A Bang

Bonfire Night falls on the Saturday of this coming weekend so what more excuse do you need to celebrate it?

Hat, scarf, gloves and a big woolly coat at the ready if you’re planning to head for one of the organised fireworks events in your area.

Or alternatively, stay in the warm and watch the fireworks fizz above your head inside your conservatory or orangery.

There’s still time to prepare for it and here’s how:

A feast of food

Filling yourself with food is one of the most fun parts of Bonfire Night and you can consume it in the conservatory. Warm up your bellies with a home-made Lancashire hotpot or chilli con carne, and follow it up with something to satisfy your sweet tooth such as a slice of Parkin or few pieces of tasty treacle toffee. Wash it down with a mulled wine or hot spiced cider.

Build a bonfire

So long as it doesn’t cause a nuisance, excess smoke and utilise household waste, there’s nothing to stop you from picking a spot in your garden for a small bonfire. Surround the designated spot with bricks or stones to prevent the fire from spreading outside of it and carefully set any twigs or sticks alight. You could even use it for toasting some marshmallows.

Fork out for fireworks

If any nearby fireworks are out of sight of your home extension and neighbouring houses aren’t hosting a fireworks party of their own, head for the supermarket and buy a family fireworks kit. They’re usually comprised of rockets, sparklers, Catherine wheels and a flurry of other firecrackers to help you illuminate the night sky. Always read the instructions thoroughly before using and await the inevitable ooh’s and aah’s of your guests.

If the eruption of fireworks gives you and any furry friends in the house a fright then you could always have our A+ rated windows fitted ahead of next year’s celebrations as they offer excellent noise reduction.


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