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What The Colour Of Your Front Door Says About You

What kind of person are you? Someone with an outgoing, chatty persona, or an introverted sort with a quite reserved demeanour?  

Red Composite Doors

The giveaway of what you’re like as a person could lie in the colour of your front door – no, honestly! 

You should be conscious of this if you are currently in the market for a new front door and pondering which coloured finish to pick for the design. 

If you want your front door colour to project an image to the outside world that precisely replicates your personality, it’s useful to know what certain colours (reputedly) say about you, before you commit to a finish:


Red is, of course, the colour of love, so it shows that you’re a passionate, caring, compassionate type, and a person not afraid to express their emotions. 

Humorously, up in Scotland, householders are known to paint their front doors red when they have finished paying off their mortgage!


The most famous black door in Britain would have to be the entrance to No.10 Downing Street, and we all know who lives there.

It won’t mean you’re as bumbling as Boris, but it will say to people that you like having the feeling of power and are a serious, no-fuss individual who is content and in control of things. 


Modern grey doors seem to be popping up everywhere, mostly at the properties of fashion-minded occupiers. 

They give the impression that whoever lives behind them is a rather smart and sophisticated human being with a preference for keeping on top of up-to-the-minute trends. 


Are you a fan of heading to the seaside on a warm summer’s day?

You will be able to tell that if you have a blue-coloured entrance, particularly one in a light blue colour, which also symbolises a chilled-out homeowner with a very relaxed look on life. 


A real ray of sunshine, it’s unlikely that anyone with a yellow front door is a shy type who hides away, preferring to be the centre of attention at social gatherings. 

There’s also a good chance that they will have a sunny disposition and never let things get them down. 

Our door range is almost as eclectic as the fabulously wide range of door colours we offer. You can say anything you want with your front door when it’s bought from Pennine.

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