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Why Choose A Regional Home Improvement Specialist?

The home improvement field is a very crowded industry as you may discovered yourself if you are currently looking for a company to fit your home with an extension or thermally efficient windows or doors.

Luxury Orangery With French Doors

There are literally hundreds of firms locally and nationally hoping to make you their next customer. Finding one that you can trust is the key thing, but with so many of them available, it can feel a complicated process.

We would always push you in the direction of a regional home improvement specialist like Pennine, rather than a large conglomerate or one-man-band, and we can tell you the reasons why to back that opinion up…

The North East is our home, just like it’s yours

Pennine covers virtually the entire North East and most of the people that work for us live in the region too. Our local knowledge is up there with anybody’s and we have worked at all styles of property that you find in this part of the world. We also have a strong awareness of local planning laws and can create designs that we know will placate planners.

Fast response

We’re not too far away from your home if you need us to come out and see to any problems you experience with one of our products. Our response time will be far quicker than it might be for a national company to get to your house as they may not have any installers available in your locality and their Head Office could be based at the other end of the country, leaving you waiting days or even weeks for a solution.

Four local sites

We don’t just have one showroom in the North East, we have four of them and they’re spread across the region – located in Benton, Birtley, Durham and Ponteland. You won’t have to venture far to come and see the majority of the products we have to offer and to speak in person with one of our friendly consultants. You may not get that opportunity with a national firm as a lot of them don’t have a showroom.

Pennine is a respected name in the North East

There will be someone you know locally that has dealt with Pennine in the past and there’s a good chance they will recommend you follow suit and choose us as your supplier. You only need to visit our Customer Reviews page to read about how highly North East householders rate our work. A one-man-band is very unlikely to have such an esteemed portfolio of work and depth of customer appreciation.


Just a brief conversation with Pennine will be enough to convince you that we can be trusted with your home. Ask for a callback and let’s get talking.  


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