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Why You Should Invest In An Orangery

18th July 2018

It’s never been harder to clamber onto that next step of the housing ladder which is why so many local householders are choosing to extend their current property. A record number of home extensions have been installed in the North East over the past years and they’re not all conservatories as orangeries are very popular...

Open Up Your Home With Bi-Folding Doors

10th July 2018

A mix of unmissable World Cup football and unconventional British weather has made summer 2018 one that we’ll all remember for a very long time. Barbecues have almost become a daily thing in many UK households as nobody wants to spend all their time indoors when the outside of their home is the place to...

How A Porch Can Impact Your Home

26th June 2018

It’s very easy to overlook the qualities of a porch in a market that’s largely dominated by sales of conservatories, windows and doors. Only once you own a porch do you appreciate the massively positive impact it has on your property both visually and in terms of the invaluable space it provides. Porches and planning...

Do I Need Planning Permission?

21st June 2018

This is a question we often receive from a customer considering adding a conservatory or orangery to their home and a very sensible question it is too! Planning laws exist with good reason – to protect our landscape. Breaching planning laws can be costly whether done deliberately or innocently as your local authority may force...

Invest In An Orangery In Time For Summer

18th June 2018

We’re just a matter of days away from the official start of summer and wouldn’t it be lovely to be able enjoy our sunniest of seasons in the most spectacular home setting imaginable. We refer to the outstanding orangery. It unsurprisingly takes a little bit of time to construct an orangery but there is still...

Extend Your Front Entrance With A Porch

5th June 2018

Several things usually capture our attention when visiting someone’s home for the first time; the neighbourhood itself, the people that live in the area, the appearance of their garden and the condition of their front entrance. It’s hard to look past a front entrance that falls down on several counts such as the door looking...

Explaining Cavity Trays And Why Your Extension Might Need One

30th May 2018

A cavity tray is something that many of our customers will be unfamiliar with but it can be an important addition for conservatories and orangeries. It is an internal moisture or water barrier made up of a number of trays. The purpose of it is to prevent rainwater from penetrating any cavity wall and causing...

Why You Should Invest In A Conservatory From Pennine This Summer

9th May 2018

Our hottest early May bank holiday ever was a very welcome surprise and hopefully a sign of things to come as we inch every closer to the summer season. That big blast of summer-like warmth may have encouraged you to look into the possibility of having a conservatory fitted at home in time for its...

Your Funding Options At Pennine

2nd May 2018

Spring isn’t just a time for cleaning the house, but it’s also the season when you should look to enhance where you live. The main factor stopping a lot of people from making essential improvements to their property this spring is money, but they may not know though about Pennine’s fantastic funding options. Find a...

How It’s Now Simpler To Improve A Heritage Home

30th April 2018

It used to be much harder to make improvements to Heritage and period properties and homes located in the middle of a conservation area. For a start, you have to find solutions that complement the original character of the building, otherwise there’s a risk that the improvements will actually spoil its appearance. Anyone residing in...

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