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Double Glazing Or Triple Glazing?

16th April 2018

Until the development and mainstream release of double glazing in the 1970’s, the only glazing option you had when purchasing replacement windows and doors was single glazing. Then four or five years ago double glazing faced a new challenger of its own when triple glazing began to be supplied by many UK home improvement specialists....

Why Choose Pennine?

10th April 2018

We appreciate that you have an almost endless choice of home improvement specialists to choose from in the North East when in the market for a new conservatory or the latest energy efficient windows. But none of them have the experience, wealth of products and knowhow that Pennine possesses. Take our word for it when...

U-Values – Why You Need To Know About Them

22nd March 2018

If you have recently visited any of Pennine’s showrooms or the showroom of any other local home improvement specialist you may have seen the U-Values achieved by certain products displayed. U-Values may be something that are currently completely alien to you, but it is important to know what they are and how they can benefit...

Demystifying The Different Window Styles

20th March 2018

Replacing your existing windows isn’t quite as straightforward as you may think. You need the exact right window style, otherwise the replacement windows could potentially spoil the appearance of your house. Any new window style needs to be entirely in keeping with its original character and any new windows should function exactly how you prefer...

Orangeries vs Conservatories

5th March 2018

Many North East homeowners continue to be priced out of the housing market which is an inconvenience but an inconvenience that can be overcome if their incentive for selling is a shortage of space in their existing property. We are referring to the installation of a home extension, whether that happens to be a brand...

When Is Building Regulation Approval Needed?

12th February 2018

In a race to get their homes extended in time for summer, we have been inundated with requests for conservatories and orangeries from North East property owners. A definite shrewd move making such a decision so early in the year, particularly as they need to be absolutely sure that any proposed home extension installation will...

The Secure Features Of Composite Doors

5th February 2018

A reliable, tough and uncompromising front door is something that every North East household should possess – qualities that a composite door offers in spades. Think about it. Would you really want a front door that you’re not entirely sure will protect your home effectively and also requires frequent upkeep to preserve both its appearance...

Why Solid Roof Conservatories Are A Growing Trend

1st February 2018

Thousands of old conservatories will have been left empty for much of the winter period because they’re too cold inside – it’s a real waste of space. The vast majority of these conservatories will be at least 20+ years old and have a glass or polycarbonate roof system that provides insufficient thermal efficiency. So, the...

How You Can Protect Your Windows Against Condensation

17th January 2018

A build-up of condensation on windows most frequently occurs during the coldest months of the year and it does make windows look rather ugly first thing in the morning. What you shouldn’t do is ignore condensation. Doing so could eventually lead to deeper problems such as mould and damp and once they set in it...

Traditional Or Modern - Which Replacement Window Style Best Suits Your Home?

10th January 2018

Window shopping is difficult. We’re not talking about browsing the shop front of your favourite high street retailer, but trying to find a suitable set of replacement windows for your home – there’s so much choice out there. Two features you should definitely look out for is the Window Energy Rating of the design and...

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