Capture Cottage Style Cosiness in Your Home

Cottage look and feel
During the colder months, most of us depend on our home to offer us a cosy and contented space, perfect for relaxing after a long day at work.

One way to ensure your home always maintains a cosy feeling, is to take inspiration from typically English cottages. The cosy cottage look will make your home feel much more inviting for yourself and guests alike.

You may be unsure where to start, especially if you live in a new build. But you don’t necessarily need a traditional, quaint property to introduce the look and feel of a cottage to your home.

Make your home warm and welcoming

The best cottages are cosy and snug so you need to ensure you can bring warmth to your home.

This may mean lighting a fire and adding layers of blankets and throws to every sofa and bed.

Possibly even more significant, is fitting windows and doors with a high level of energy efficiency that will trap the heat inside. You won’t need to put your heating on full blast if your windows and doors are performing as they should.

While purchasing new windows and doors is a financial commitment, it is an investment that should pay for itself in declining energy bills over time. Plus, your family will thank you for the extra warmth all the way until March!

Cottage window
Give your home a cottage makeover

After your home is feeling suitably warm and toasty, you can then add a few small touches to incorporate the cottage aesthetic to your home.

Take inspiration from cottagecore, a trend that began on social media and is all about endorsing simple, country life. The trend relates to many industries, but it particularly lends itself well to interior design.

To embrace cottagecore in your home, you should mix and match an array of patterns, including floral and gingham prints. They can be introduced to wallpaper, perhaps in the form of a feature wall, curtains, and valances.

Pennine sells Cottage windows, a popular style of windows that maintain or create an authentic cottage look. The windows combine modern safety and minimal up-keep with traditional details.

Flowers, fresh or dried, are a must-have to introduce a cottage look to your home.

Cottage style

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