Can Triple Glazing Make Your Home A Quieter Place?

The one nice thing about there being less traffic on the roads at the moment is that your home should be a lot more peaceful than normal. 

If you find peace at home hard to come by at the best of times, now would definitely be a good time to try and organise some form of solution in readiness for the busy traffic returning – triple glazed windows and doors, for instance. 

While we don’t solely sell our triple glazed windows and doors on the basis of them being good for soundproofing, some companies do and they’re not pulling the wool over your eyes. However, they will only be effective for soundproofing when specified correctly. 

The window or door frame needs the best form of glass and this glass must be thicker than your standard glass. What you don’t want though is three panes of glass all with the same depth – they each need to have a different thickness, otherwise the windows and doors will have little noise curing impact. A large air gap between the glazed panes is also essential. 

For compliance with building regulations, it is generally compulsory to have trickle vents added to replacement windows and doors if your existing windows and doors have them. If they don’t have them, we would omit their inclusion so that no external noise from outside can find its way through the slight opening they offer. 

What’s then equally important as all this is that the windows and doors are fitted to the highest possible standard. You’re guaranteed that when you give Pennine responsibility for the installation – everything will be well-sealed, with no gaps at all. 

Consider for a second too that it might not just be your windows and doors at fault for the noisy indoor atmosphere. Some of it could be entering through your roof, walls and floors, so you need a solution for them as well. 


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