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Bring The Outdoors Indoors This Summer With Bi-Folding Doors

When the weather is as glorious as it has been over the past couple of weeks you just want to get out there and savour every minute – we know too well how quickly it can turn for the worse. The installation of bi-folding doors at your home will give you every reason to do just that throughout the summer months and beyond.

Bi-Folding Doors Internal Image With Garden View

It’s a proven fact that exposure to sunshine can do wonders for our health and when it bursts through our properties it makes them feel extra spacious. Integration of bi-folding doors into an available aperture at the back of your house will give the sun a pathway indoors to help you reap the benefits of it, or as an alternative, why not include them in your home extension, whether it’s a conservatory or orangery.

There’s no other door solution quite like a set of bi-folds.

Consisting of as little as 2 glazed panes up to a maximum of 7 glazed panes, they fold like a concertina when operated and can then be gently pushed along their track to generate a sizeable opening. Crafted from aluminium, they have the slenderest of sightlines, maximising your view of the outdoors when they’re closed, but they’ll very rarely be shut in summer as you’ll love how they cleverly extend your internal living space into the outdoors.  

Aside from how they marry together home and garden and transfer an abundance of light indoors, bi-folding doors also provide other big selling-points:

Stunning aesthetics

A person seeing a set of bi-folding doors for the first time is unlikely to forget the experience. The aluminium frames come coloured with a powder-coated finish that adds a lasting quality to the design. They just make for a magnificent sight!

Superb insulation

Bi-folding doors are less likely to be in used in the winter. That’s ok though as they will keep your interior well insulated in cold conditions due to the thermal efficiency of both the glass and aluminium framework. When temperatures rise again once winter passes, they’ll even heat your interior by transporting the warmth of the sun into it.

Top security

When locked shut, bi-folding doors offer an excellent standard of security as they feature a multi-point locking system and the double or triple glazed units included are internally beaded. This prevents any possibility of the glass being removed from the outside of the house.

The best place to buy your bi-folds in the North East is from Pennine, the region’s favourite home improvement company. Book an appointment to discuss the idea with a consultant.


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