How To Bring A Feeling Of Summer Into Your Living Space

It’s been a promising start to June, weather-wise, with much of the North East experiencing some glorious warmth and sunshine, and about time too!

Do you feel like you have more energy when the weather’s so nice and the days are longer? It’s a common feeling in summer, and exposure to it is also known to be great for your physical and mental health.  So, the logical thing to do would be to try and entice some of that lovely weather into your property, as you’ll benefit from it.

How can that be done best? Quite easily, as it happens:

Clean your windows

How much sun comes into your home will partly depend upon how clean your windows are as they offer the main passages into the building, and if they’re dirty, that won’t help. Keep them spotless!

To prevent any excess light blockage, we also suggest putting away any thick curtains until the winter and replacing them with thinner window coverings.

Any overheating problems in the house could be down to the glass in your windows. You won’t suffer from this problem after the installation of new windows with energy efficient glass.

Install bi-folding doors

Putting in more windows to drive more light inside could be a possibility, but a better idea would be to have a set of bi-folding doors fitted.

A bi-folding door almost completely consists of glass, so it will transport an immense amount of light into the room where it sits, and you will get an amazing external view out of it.

Countless types of opening can be established with a bi-folding door, which comes in very handy on those occasions when your home feels too hot.

Add some nature

You can feel a bit hard done by if you don’t have a garden and it’s some distance to your nearest park. That’s not a reason to miss out on nature though!

Nature can be introduced to your living quarters with the addition of various houseplants, like succulents, ferns and orchids, which you can proudly display on countertops, floors and tables.

You might not know that houseplants can purify indoor air as their presence will help eliminate any air pollutants. This is also known to lower stress and increase happiness.


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