A Guide To Our Replacement Roof Systems

Modern Tiled Tiled Roof Extension

Once the roofing system on your conservatory stops performing to the required standard, that’s when the weather can begin to make its presence felt within the structure.

You don’t want that happening in the winter, not unless you fancy sitting in the freezing cold? We thought not. 

A brand-new roof will make it weatherproof again (so long as your windows and doors are also energy efficient!). 

At Pennine, we supply four forms of replacement roof for conservatories. Here’s a bit about each of them. 

Glass Roof

Alumite is the name of our glass roof and it’s so-called because the system is created using aluminium. 

Filled with solar control glazing, the alumite roof will stop the elements from getting in and stop any warmth inside from escaping, giving you a far more comfortable internal temperature. 

Tiled Roof

An incredibly lightweight solution with insulated plywood and a rigid insulation board, a tiled roof mimics the appearance of traditional tiles and is compatible with most conservatory and orangery styles. 

Because it weighs so little, you can often install this roof without needing to replace the rest of the structure as it won’t compromise the structural integrity of the extension. 

Flat Roof

A flat roof will give your old conservatory a fantastically fashionable look thanks to its contemporary styling, and comes with clever insulating technology. 

To give it a dramatic effect, you can have skylights or lanterns incorporated into the system, which will be expertly pitched and pull in an abundance of natural light. 

Lantern Roof

If you’ve ever seen a lantern roof in person from the outside or inside of a conservatory or single-storey extension, you will know just how impressive it looks. 

Thermally efficient solar control glazing will be included as standard, so you will immediately feel the difference that it makes, as well as see the visual impact it has. 

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