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4 Window Selling Tactics We Recommend You Avoid

If you’ve ever watched the BBC comedy series ‘White Gold’, you will be familiar with how cut-throat the double-glazing industry was back in the 1980’s.

Double Glazing

Its lead character, Vincent Swan, and his junior salesman, Brian Fitzpatrick and Martin Lavender, use every trick in the book to add to their order books, and it’s a pretty fair representation of how things were in that era.

Gratefully, very few Vincent-types now exist in what is a much cleaned up industry, but there is still a small pocket of salespersons employing contentious tactics to sell their products.

To help you identify them, here are 4 of the most common dishonest selling techniques they like to apply:

  1. Price Conditioning

You’re the paying customer, so a salesperson should listen to you and get to understand exactly what you’re after to give you an accurate price.

But some salespersons like to get a price expectation from you first by finding out what you are prepared to pay and what your budget is.

This information is gold dust to them as they will use it to place a price expectation in your mind.

  1. Sham Discounts

You are fully entitled to shop around to find out what sort of price you can expect to pay for your new windows. Any quotes you get should be provided in writing, with any discount clearly outlined.

What you shouldn’t accept is being pressured to agree to a discounted deal without being able to assess the competition.

You may be faced with that situation when a salesperson applies a bogus discount and tells you that it will only apply if you buy there and then.

  1. Unsubstantiated Price Drops

A window company’s best price should be provided to you from the very beginning.

Some salespersons exercise a very different method and will instead think up an inflated price to see how you react to it.

If it makes you visibly turn white, they will be delighted as they will then reduce the price to draw a sigh of relief and make you think you are getting a fantastic price, when the opposite may be true.

  1. Disparaging The Competition

We have plenty of competition in our service area and we’re fully respectful of what they do. However, we like to focus on our strengths and resist disparaging other firms.

When a salesperson overly pours scorn on other companies, you should ask yourself why? Are they doing it to cover up their own company’s deficiencies?


You can expect nothing but true honesty and professionalism from Pennine, from start to finish, with no pressure and no obligation to buy. Talk to our Customer Care team and find out why we’re so trustworthy.



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