3 Things To Account For In Any Kitchen Extension Design

You certainly won’t be alone if you find yourself in your kitchen far more than you do in your living room nowadays. 

Back in the old days, families would gather together in front of the TV in their sitting area, but the home lifestyle has evolved, and it’s now the kitchen where telly-watching goes on, amongst so many other things. 

Would you like to get more out of your kitchen, but it’s hindered by a lack of space? 

A kitchen extension from Pennine will cater for everything you need in a single space. 

To plan it requires a trio of key ingredients. 


It’s essential that your kitchen is configured to satisfy the sort of kitchen lifestyle you want to lead. 

The ‘kitchen working triangle’ is a practical layout often used in kitchens, which sees the sink, oven and fridge sit within a triangular formation, making those kitchen duties an effortless and easy task. 

Aside from the U-shaped and L-shaped layouts, you also have the open-plan arrangement, achievable with the absence of walls and partitions. Many people like an open-plan kitchen because it creates a bright, light atmosphere and helps people communicate freely within it. 


From a kitchen that’s likely full of clutter, you want one that’s more streamlined and has sufficient storage for all those utensils, implements, canned goods etc. 

You can be clever about it and do things like hanging your pots and pans from the ceiling, rather than have them occupying valuable cupboard space, and get a pantry or larder installed to keep food out of the way. 

Ahead of designing your new kitchen extension with our team, discover the amount of storage you will require by doing a check of what you need to keep from your existing kitchen and what can be ditched. 

Colour choice

With so many colour options available, how do you go about choosing one or more of them? 

Our advice would be to have a long look at the colour wheel to see what stands out most to you. If one colour is not enough, finding two colours that complement each other can be done by looking at a few adjacent colours. 

If you’d like your kitchen to have a chilled, relaxed ambience, you will find that neutral tones and pastels will best establish this mood. For a busy kitchen, opt for colours with vibrancy and energy. 

Now that you know the recipe for the perfect kitchen extension, make a date to sit down with a Pennine consultant and plan it. Book your appointment here.


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