3 Straightforward Bits Of DIY You Can Do This Summer

Are you a lover or a hater of DIY? You will probably fall into the latter category if at some time in your life you have had a DIY disaster at home.

You shouldn’t dismiss DIY for that reason though because anyone who’s tried it in the past will have experienced problems with it. It’s just about doing DIY that isn’t too tricky and beyond your capabilities.

And there’s lots of forms of DIY that are really straightforward, but still highly effective. Why not give it a go and see how you get on?

To encourage you into it, Pennine has come up with three easy DIY projects for you to take on this summer.

Update your cabinets
So often, rooms like kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms are let down by the appearance of the cabinets within them.

If your cabinets could do with some tidying up and the actual units are still in decent enough condition, just repaint them, or keep the paintbrush away and reface the outer skins of the cabinets with a colourful covering. You should also be able to unscrew the hardware and replace that too.

After you’ve finished, the newly restored cabinets will change the look of the whole space on their own.

Create a wall gallery of photos
Photographs are such precious mementos. They transport you back to special times and bring back memories. Don’t have your photos stuck in a drawer. Put them on display.

On a bare wall in your living area, add photo frames filled with all of your favourite photos, whether they include family members and friends, or covers of classic albums that you love listening to.

You can get photo frames in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours pretty cheaply, and hanging them up on the wall shouldn’t be difficult.

Upcycle pallets for the garden
DIY isn’t just reserved for indoor spaces. It also applies to garden spaces. So remember that if your garden looks underwhelming at present.

Do you have any pallets in the house that you’ve yet to find use for? Upcycle them specifically for the garden in one or two different ways.

Pretty them up and turn them into vertical planters so that you can start growing plants outside. They will take up very little space. Alternatively, create a wooden bench with them and put some padding down on it so that it offers a comfortable seating area.


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