3 Moves You Can Make To Bring In More Natural Light

3 ways of enticing more natural light into your home

To have a bright and inviting home, you need lots of natural light going into it, and with spring just around the corner, this is your golden opportunity to help it capture the sun.

It will have been in short supply of sun over the winter, but the clocks are about to go forward an hour and now is the time to capitalise.

Looking for the best methods of capturing the sun? Pennine can provide you with three of the most effective courses of action you can take to accomplish this goal.

Get aluminium windows fitted

Virtually all the natural light that your home currently receives will be thanks to your windows. If they have thickish frames, it won’t be getting as much as it could be though. 

Aluminium windows have a wonderfully slim profile, so slim that the glass within the design almost encompasses the entire design. This wealth of glass inevitably leads to more light passing through than would be the case with a traditional window.

As a material, aluminium is also notoriously hard, so this form of window will also do a great job of protecting your property from thieves.

The inside of a window
Remove any outdoor obstructions

It’s not just making changes indoors that can make a difference. Tidying up your outdoor space can also help provide the sun with a passage through to your living quarters.

For example, You might have some overgrown trees, bushes or plants that could be trimmed or cut back to make them less of an obstruction in front of any windows and doors. So, get the garden cutters out!

An extension with patio doors
Install roof windows or a skylight

If you have a solid roof added to your conservatory or orangery, it can result in a slight loss of light from the structure. 

Not to worry though as roof windows can always be included in the covering to counter this, and they’ll also prove handy for ventilation, if it’s ever needed. 

For a room, such as a kitchen, that lacks sufficient light, see if there is the capacity to have a skylight or roof lantern incorporated into its ceiling – one huge glazed facet. 

Spanning a considerable distance, either product will pull light in from so many angles, and there are different varieties of tinted glass that you can include to establish a certain ambience.

A skylight in an extension

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