3 Methods That Are Known To Minimise Condensation In The Home

3 Things You Can Do To Reduce The Threat Of Condensation
Nobody likes to have condensation all over their windows in the autumn and winter months, but most homeowners tend to just put up with it, rather than try and do something about it.

It’s advisable to find a solution for the problem because when condensation happens frequently and gets quite bad, windows can start to suffer with mildew and mould. 

As soon as that sets in, it’s hard to shift, and it can have health implications, causing breathing difficulties and things like throat, eye and skin irritation. 

If unsure what you can do to improve the situation, we can provide three easy to follow tips:

Sort out your ventilation

It’s unhelpful if there is a high humidity level in your house, which will be the case in your kitchen and bathroom areas when you’re either cooking or taking a hot bath or shower. 

Before doing any of these things, you should open a few windows to let any heat escape outside and bring in some fresh air. 

Turn on any extractor fan that you have in your kitchen and / or bathroom too.

An open window
Outdoor drying

Because of the cold weather in autumn and winter, most of the time you will have to dry your clothes indoors, but when there’s a rare warm day, hang your washing outside on the washing line. 

Each time you put clothes to dry on a radiator or place them in a tumble dryer, moisture builds up and so does humidity. 

It’s also more environmentally-friendly to reject use of radiators or a tumble dryer.

Clothes on a washing line
Maintain a low heat

Condensation comes about as a result of warm air meeting the cold surface of glass. 

You shouldn’t see it as much if your heating is kept on a low temperature, one that you find comfortable, rather than sometimes high and sometimes low. 

According to the Energy Saving Trust, the ideal temperature in winter is around 18 to 21 degrees.

A thermostat

If you still get condensation on your windows after employing all of these tips, it’s time to get them taken out and replace them with new double or triple glazed windows. 

We have lots of replacement window styles at Pennine, so you won’t have a problem finding a suitable substitute. After you’ve found it on our website, ask for a FREE quote.


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