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3 Home Improvement Projects That Can Decrease Your Home’s Value

Home improvement projects that can harm the valuation of your property

Making changes to your home’s make-up is very much encouraged, but you don’t want to do anything that will potentially affect its value. 

We provided you with some on-trend ideas last month that will almost certainly add great value (read this blog post here), and now we want to advise you of what you shouldn’t do. 

Think of it like this. What you like isn’t necessarily what others will like, and that’s the mindset you should have when weighing up what to do. 

Avoid these ill-advised ‘improvements’ if you can:

Reducing the number of bedrooms

One of your bedrooms may be sat empty because a family member has moved out, and if you don’t often have people staying over, you may be wondering if it’s worth using it for something else. 

You could definitely do that, but we would encourage you not to permanently change the bedroom to some other type of room, and / or knock through it. 

Adapt the space as a temporary measure and so that it can always go back to being a bedroom at some point.


Re-carpeting the whole house

We have absolutely nothing against carpeting, but you need to be wary about having every room in your house re-carpeted. Why is that?

Consider for a moment that other people may not share your enthusiasm for your choice of carpet and don’t relish the idea of having it all taken out and replacing it with some other flooring. 

It will come at a great cost to them. So you’d be better off just re-carpeted room-by-room when required, rather than everywhere at once.

Carpeted area

Having your lawn removed

Garden owners will tell you that they would have struggled to cope without their outdoor space over the last year. 

The connection with nature is great for mental and physical wellbeing, so you’d be making a mistake having your lawn dug up just because you get tired of looking after it.

If cutting the grass isn’t a job you love, maintain a lawn, but change to an artificial turf instead. It’ll need no upkeep and look as good as the real thing.

Garden swing

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