3 Home Improvement Ideas That Will Create The Feeling Of Space

3 home improvement ideas for smaller homes
Wouldn’t it be nice to have more space at home, but how do you achieve that when your property isn’t the biggest in the world?

You can have a thorough declutter and throw out or donate things you no longer need. However, that won’t always have the desired impact. 

It’s no surprise really that so many householders find themselves with very little space to play with as new-build homes in this country have shrunk by 20% over the last 40 years. 

In this situation, it’s all about doing things that make your house feel bigger than it is, such as these three home improvement projects. 

Installing walls on mirrors

This is a trick that a lot of people use in smaller homes and it does work, so long as the mirrors are the right sizes and they’re put in the right areas. 

You’re best getting a few large mirrors that have a small surround, rather than several small mirrors that you intend to group together. 

When hanging a mirror, don’t put it too close to a wall or the edge of a ceiling, and height-wise it should sit so that the middle of the mirror is at approximately the height of an average-sized person.

Using a light colour scheme

It would be worth painting any walls that you decide to leave mirror-free in a light colour due to how it can reflect light. A white-coloured finish will be great for this.

Believe it or not, for those rooms that are a bit on the dark side, but that still receive light, you want something on the complete other side of the colour spectrum – black. 

And it’s not just the walls that you want to paint in your chosen colour – include the ceiling, trims and any doors too.

Colour palette in an extension
Fitting bi-folding, patio or French doors

Could you capitalise on any outdoor space you have to seemingly increase the size of your indoor space? Do it with one of the following door solutions – bi-folding doors, French doors or patio doors. 

As soon as you push or slide open these doors, your living area will expand and indoor and outdoor settings will meet together, with the light that comes from this also helping to create a feeling of spaciousness. 

The sun won’t be restricted from entry when the doors are shut either as all of these doors have vast glass panes and slim frames.

You’re very welcome to ask Pennine for a FREE quote for anything in our product range, which includes bi-folding, French and patio doors. Just click here to get it organised.

A bi-folding door and French door


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