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3 Great Ways To Improve Your Home For Winter

We usually spend much of our time indoors at home in winter, and we’ll be doing a little bit more of it than normal because of the present situation. 

There are definitely worse places to be for a long period of time! A home offers protection from the outside world, and if you love your house, you can get so much enjoyment out of it. 

If you want to stay well-occupied at home, you could make some changes to the house, or at least have a good think about how it could be improved. 

It would make sense to improve it with winter firmly in mind so that you’re guaranteed a cosy space. You can do that as follows:

Have new, thick carpets installed

The bounciness of a brand-new carpet feels so pleasurable on your feet, and the smell of it can make a house seem new again. 

You want a nice, thick carpet, something like a pure wool carpet, and if you have extra underlay added to it, you will benefit from even more warmth than a standard carpet. 

It will be such a good insulator that it will keep lots of heat trapped in your rooms, which will reduce your reliance on energy. To keep new carpets clean, make sure that no footwear is worn in the house.

Repaint a room in an upbeat new finish

Has your living room lost its original appeal, or does your dining room look a bit drab nowadays? It’s amazing how a fresh lick of paint can revive them. 

If you decide to repaint a room, wait until it’s a dry day so that you can open some windows, and have a few others in the house help out so that it can be done more quickly. 

When changing colour schemes, select a finish that will brighten everyone’s mood during the winter months, like a cheery orange shade or uplifting burgundy. Update any old artwork, fabrics and furniture too.

Install energy efficient windows & doors

The cost of your energy bills may have started to creep up as we creep towards winter, and you can ill-afford to pay over the odds for them with Christmas coming. Draughts might be noticeable too. 

Put a permanent end to expensive energy and draughts by getting energy efficient windows and doors installed that carry a high energy rating. 

Buying new windows and doors isn’t cheap, but when you work out what new windows alone could save you when using the GGF’s Energy Saving Calculator, you will figure they’re worth it. 

Pennine is a long-time supplier and fitter of energy efficient windows and doors, so there’s no better company to get them from. Just request a FREE quote for them here

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