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I Want To Change My Conservatory Roof To A Solid Roof, Do I Need Planning Permission?

Though there are rumours that another warm spell is on its way, winter isn’t too far around the corner and for many conservatory owners it’s a season when they get very little use out of their extension.

Solid Roof Edwardian Conservatory

The most common cause of a conservatory feeling exceptionally cold in winter is a roof system offering poor insulation as it then allows the weather to get in and who wants to spend their time inside a freezing cold conservatory?

Some mistakenly think that the only way to solve the problem is to knock their existing conservatory down and build a more thermally efficient replacement. That is definitely not the case, not after the development of the solid roofing system as it can take the place of your current roof covering.

You must check first though that you are permitted to exchange roofing systems as sometimes planning permission needs to be obtained before a solid roof installation goes ahead.

Here’s what you need to know…

  • Building Regulatory Approval must be obtained if you are planning to replace a transparent conservatory roof for a solid roof.


  • This is because replacing a glass conservatory roof for a solid insulated conservatory roof is regarded as being a “change of use” as it results in an extension becoming permanent rather than temporary.


  • If the conservatory has a transparent roof that when fitted required planning approval you will need to submit both a planning application and a full Building Regulations application.


  • Any “change of use” could see you being forced by your local Building Control Officer to make adjustments to the conservatory such as accounting for ventilation with the addition of roof vents and trickle vents.


  • Your permitted development rights may also no longer apply and this will also necessitate the need for a planning application to be made.

A lot more information about solid roof installations can be found on the Local Authorities Building Control website and you can also speak to your local authority building control team for guidance.

Pennine offers several solid roofs

Replacement conservatory roofs are in great demand in the North East as householders look to winter-proof their old conservatory.

Pennine has a number of solid roof options including our ‘Smart’ Roof, a fully insulated solid roof which allows for perfect temperature control all year round.

Our consultants also know everything involved in switching conservatory roofs without any hassle.  You can see all of our replacement roofs here.


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