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Inspiration: Conservatory

You will only ever usually buy a conservatory once in your entire lifetime and spend a considerable amount of money securing it. Such a momentous move and investment must prove worthwhile in the long-term.

Large Cream Loggia Conservatory

For that to be eventual case there are several pointers that you need to consider to avoid ending up with a conservatory that disappoints. These pointers are:

  • Select a design that you feel will deliver lasting beauty
  • Select a design and colour that suits the architectural styling of the house
  • Select a design that promises to increase your property’s resale value
  • Select a design that has your personality stamped all over it
  • Select a design that is large enough to accommodate a growing family

Only once all of these pointers have been satisfied would we recommend that you give the final go-ahead to the project as it needs to be exactly right for you.

Anyone just starting out on their conservatory buying journey would be wise to firstly view our Projects Gallery. There are some fabulous examples of what is achievable when you choose Pennine for any new conservatory installation.

We have just about every type of conservatory you could wish for including a host of traditional and modern offerings. There’s too many to take you through them all in this blog post, but here’s a selection of the installations you will find on that Projects Gallery to help get some ideas swimming around your head…

Smart Roof Lean-To Conservatory

Not all conservatories are vast in size. The Lean-To is a compact version of the conventional conservatory and it still manages to offer lots of useable floor space. But that space is no good if the extension delivers little or no thermal efficiency.

Sick of the space being wasted, the owner of it asked for the structure to be transformed so that their family could utilise it day in, day out again. This saw us replace the existing roof and fit a smart roof in its place which restored it back to how it used to be.

Large Loggia Conservatory

Never heard of the Loggia? We promise that once you have seen it you will never forget it! It’s the world’s newest home extension and was created by some of Italy’s finest designers and Britain’s best engineers. This is one of many customers that were instantly seduced by the Loggia.

Knowing that they would want to expose the interior to the exterior on any occasion when the weather allows they chose to include elegant French doors and tilt & turn windows. Both open outwardly with real style.

Glass-To-Floor Conservatory

A wealth of glass within a conservatory design would be seen as a bad thing in the past as it often resulted in conservatories overheating in summer and becoming ridiculously cold over the winter months.

Those days are long gone thanks to progression in window technology and that’s why this householder showed no hesitation in asking for a glass-to-floor design. The slenderness of the framework made it possible to include so much glass.






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