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5 Ways To Improve Your Home Security

5th October 2018

Did you know that it’s National Home Security Month? This UK initiative has taken place every October since 2013 and was set-up to remind homeowners of the importance of home security, something we often given less attention than we really ought to. We say that as recently released figures showed that the number of home...

My New Extension Has White Residue On Its Brickwork / Stonework, Is This Normal?

3rd October 2018

We receive this question every so often from customers that have very recently purchased a conservatory, orangery or garden room from Pennine as it occasionally happens. The first thing we do is reassure them that it is nothing to be overly concerned about as it is quite common with brand new extensions. Then we take...

5 Home Improvements You Should Consider This Autumn / Winter

26th September 2018

We hope that you used the gloriously hot summer months to make any necessary improvements your property needs ahead of the autumn / winter seasons. If you didn’t, it’s not too late to get it fully prepared for whatever the weather has in store for us over the coming months. Pennine is of course on...

Everything You Need To Know About Building Regulations

11th September 2018

There’s lots to think about when you’re investing in a brand new conservatory or orangery such as the style you want, the most appropriate coloured finish for the design and whether it will need building regulations approval. Building regulations is one of the first things that will be brought up in conversation by a consultant...

The Best Home Improvements For Your 70s Build

7th September 2018

Though the housebuilding boom of the 1950’s and 1960’s had died down by the time the 1970’s came around, 291,000 new homes were built in the first year of this decade. The average 70’s home typically has several trademark features including very spacious rooms, tall ceilings, a large garden and open-plan layout. Millions of them...

I Want To Change My Conservatory Roof To A Solid Roof, Do I Need Planning Permission?

4th September 2018

Though there are rumours that another warm spell is on its way, winter isn’t too far around the corner and for many conservatory owners it’s a season when they get very little use out of their extension. The most common cause of a conservatory feeling exceptionally cold in winter is a roof system offering poor...

Inspiration – Orangery

21st August 2018

We have a lot to thank the Italians for as they have developed dozens of significant inventions including radios, newspapers, jeans and the magnificent orangery. The UK first embraced orangeries back in the 17th Century but they weren’t utilised like they are today as an orangery in those days would be a place in which...

Transform Your Conservatory Into A New Garden Room

10th August 2018

Not everyone has been so ecstatic about the beautiful, hot summer weather we have experienced over the past few weeks. We refer to those that own a conservatory no longer capable of keeping the weather out causing their treasured extension to significantly overheat and become largely unusable. It is relatively easy to resolve the problem...

We Sell Windows Which Will Keep Out Noise

7th August 2018

Is it just us or is the world getting noisier and noisier? We’re sure most will agree that we live in an increasingly noisy world and getting away from it can often feel impossible with our homes sometimes not even being capable of blocking it out so we can enjoy some much needed peace and...

Solid Roof, Conservatory Or Orangery? Which Will Suit Your Home?

2nd August 2018

Home extensions have never been so popular and the number of extension types you can choose from has never been so broad. Their current popularity is easily explained as ownership of conservatories, orangeries and solid roof extensions is sought after nowadays for a number of different reasons: A householder is unable to take that next...

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