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The Best Home Improvements For Your 70s Build

Though the housebuilding boom of the 1950’s and 1960’s had died down by the time the 1970’s came around, 291,000 new homes were built in the first year of this decade.

Ultimo Roof Conservatory

The average 70’s home typically has several trademark features including very spacious rooms, tall ceilings, a large garden and open-plan layout.

Millions of them still stand in the UK and walking into some of these properties almost feels like you’re stepping into a completely different era.

If your 70’s build feels as though it has a dated look or feel, we can offer tips of how to make it more befitting of the 21st Century.

Get a conservatory or orangery fitted

We’ve already mentioned that a traditional 70’s home has exceptionally spacious rooms, but if it feels a little squeezed indoors you could have a conservatory or orangery incorporated into the building.

A classic Edwardian or Victorian conservatory may fit in particularly well with its character or contemplate an orangery if you want an additional room that looks like a completely natural extension of the house.

Install energy efficient windows

1970s properties are renowned for having very large windows which is great if you like to have lots of natural light travelling into your living space. It’s not so good though if these windows are manufactured from timber and single glazed as they’ll likely offer insufficient thermal efficiency.

Unless the property is located in a conservation area, the old windows can easily be replaced with modern UPVC or aluminium double or triple glazed windows to warm up the interior and keep energy costs down.

Freshen up your entrance

This could entail fitting a modern new UPVC, composite or timber door or you could potentially assimilate a porch into the building’s front facade.

Most porch installations only take a matter of days to complete and you may not have to apply for planning permission to do it if the proposed porch fits the criteria to be classed as a permitted development.

Several of the suggestions we have made above can be accomplished with the assistance of Pennine. Just ask us for a FREE quote and we can help give that old house of yours the perfect modern makeover.


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